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MCSO announces with sadness the passing of Wayne Jackson, one of our longest serving Members, whose contributions and comradeship have been greatly valued by all of us who participated with him. Wayne was active both in our teaching and our service activities. No longer having Wayne with us, and having his unfailing graciousness and help, is a great loss to our community.

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“The rich content and opportunity to practice and get constructive feedback. Great real life stories."

The level of instruction was consistently high among all presenters. All were experienced mediators and several had a..more


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The Mediation Centre (MCSO) offers Mediation and other Third Party Neutral services, and Mediation and Conflict Resolution Training. Our experienced and skilled roster of Mediators and Conflict Resolution practitioners and trainers is ready to help you or your organization with whatever conflict management services you may require.

Our Conflict Resolution Courses are well recognized in the industry. Since 2001 we have offered our standard 20-hour Courses on Essential Conflict Resolution and Negotiation Skills and Skills Development for the Mediator and Conflict Resolution Practitioner, leading to the standard 40-hour entry-level qualifying Certificate in the field, our Certificate on Alternative Dispute and Conflict Resolution. These are now supplemented by our Advanced Certificate Mediation Training Course, and other specialized Courses such as those we have presented as part of our Aboriginal Initiatives and Municipal Government and Public Sector Conflict Resolution Projects. Training is also available to groups on a contract basis.

Similarly we have been brought into workplace and organizational settings to provide Third Party Neutral intervention services. These are services where our Members act, not principally as Mediators resolving disputes between two parties in conflict, but function in the role of facilitators with regard to dysfunctional and even toxic workplace and/or organizational environments. Members of our team are also available to provide Conflict Coaching services, either separately or as part of the above.

With awareness of the special needs of an increasingly aging population, the Mediation Centre has this year proceeded actively to establish an Elder Mediation Initiative. We began in the Fall of 2014 with an intensive half-day Workshop on Elder and Health Care Mediation and Facilitation as part of our annual Special Sessions Program. In April 2015, MCSO is offered an Elder Mediation Training Course by the acknowledged leader in the field in Canada, fully described under “Courses” on this web site. This year MCSO introduced an Elder Mediation and Advocacy Group and service. Details are now posted on the web site.”

Program of Courses and Workshops on Alternative Dispute and Conflict Resolution

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Certificate Program on Alternative Dispute and Conflict Resolution

Essential Conflict Resolution and Negotiation Skills

Skills Development for the Mediator and Conflict Resolution Practitioner



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